T.R Chadha & Co is a sector-neutral boutique corporate consulting firm to provide a wide array of services in Corporate Finance, Transaction Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructurings, and Engineering Support. We have highly skilled & experienced team working closely with our client providing well researched professional services & advice relevant to their businesses.

Transaction Advisory

From conducting buying side diligence to selling side support, our consultants know how to manage transaction risks and focus on enhancing shareholder’s value. We have a range of transaction advisory services which includes:

Our analysts and consultants assists you at every step to realize the complete value of the deal at hand. We specialize in keeping the processes on schedule and successful evaluation on to determine the best outcomes for everyone.

Our processes are designed to measure the transaction results and implications. We also assist in fund raising and advising the best channel which could be private equity, venture capital, NBFC, external commercial borrowings or foreign direct investment.

Corporate restructuring can help companies avoid the period of uncertainty which is usually marked by failing performance and growth. We support our clients in reintegrating process and business plan evaluation. We believe in addressing potential operational problems and complying with legal requirements on timely basis.

Valuation and Modelling

• Valuation

The intent is not just to get an improved measure of earnings, but also to get a better sense of how to manage the investments. We are a leading provider of business and intangible asset valuation services. We aim at bringingunderstanding and lucidity to the valuation process of intangible assets.

• Financial Modelling

We help businesses and professionals formulate thebusiness models based on our experience in domestic and international markets. We cover wide range of service areas spanning from financial bidding process assistance, costing analysis and strategic decision making.We believe in assisting our clients in making well informed decisions. We aim at beinganexemplary and the best in the industry financial modeling firm.
Areas covered:
• Financial Forecast & CMA Data for submission to Banks/Financial Institutions
• For transactions, strategic alliances and joint ventures
• For assisting in financial bidding process
• Price-fixation and Costing


Our assurance practice extracts leverage from our 70 years old legacy in audit practice. By collaborating domain expert knowledge, wedemonstrateefficient and purpose-oriented assurance practice.
Areas covered:
• Due diligence
• Forensic Audit/ Investigations
• CDR Monitoring

Project Monitoring and Engineering

Being a control and core management instrument, project monitoring aims at observing and recording activities taking place in a project or a program. Our engineering practice integrates our financial expertise with assistance from our Technical and Industry experts to provide an unmatched integrated solution to the decision makers.
Areas covered:

• Project Monitoring
• Lenders Engineers Studies
• Techno-Economic Viability Studies
• Fixed Assets Management
• Research