Inbound & Outbound Investment and FEMA Advisory services

We provide Consulting and Compounding Services

Consulting services

• Advisory on Inbound Structuring i.e. structuring of Investments into India & advising on the nature & structure of the Business entity (e.g., Liaison Office, Branch Office, Joint Venture, Wholly Owned Subsidiary etc)
• Assistance in setting up of, or purchase of an existing entity
• Assistance in obtaining Approvals & Compliance with various requirements of RBI/ FEMA
• Approval from the Foreign Investment Promotions Board (FIPB), Ministry of Finance and assistance in preparation of the Foreign Collaboration Agreements
• Advisory on change/ exit from existing Business model
• Advisory on Outbound Structuring, i.e. choice of appropriate jurisdiction, structuring of investments etc
• Assistance in regular FEMA compliances as per statutory provisions like filing of Form/Returns etc

Compounding Services

• Assistance in Compounding of Offences under FEMA
• Assistance in the process of voluntarily admitting the contravention, pleading guilty and seeking redressal under FEMA,1999
• Preparation of Application with RBI
• Submission of applications seeking compounding of contraventions under section 3(a) of FEMA to the Directorate of Enforcement at RBI
• Representation before RBI